Awards & Supporters

Award Series’


The Elizabeth Betty Hasting’s Series

To recognize those individuals and agencies who consistently serve vulnerable populations with dignity, give to and support others in a humane, compassionate and respectable manner. Elizabeth is the gift that keeps on giving, she serves others with such honor and grace. She is committed to equality for all.

The Donna Ames-Heldfond Series

To recognize donors who support the capacity building of human service agencies serving individuals impacted by trauma. Those who continually lift up, inspire and support the agency and its staff are to be acknowledged and appreciated. Donna is committed to improving the quality of life for others.


Women in Support of Building Bridges Foundation

Healing the Little Girl Within


Donna Ames-Heldfond
Platinum Supporter

Dear Donna thank you for your kindness and support of the foundation and our founder. On behalf of our internal and external consumers we appreciate you so much and can’t begin to tell you how much your help has made a difference. Through your support we have been able to provide back to school school uniforms and supplies, sneakers, back packs, food gift cards, Christmas gifts for needy families, thanksgiving baskets, other supportive services  and advocacy resources during times of crisis and so much more. In fact you have assisted in helping to keep our doors open in 2016 and 2017. Thanks for believing in our mission, we are immensely grateful to have you by our side. We are so excited to be launching our Heldsfond “Community Partner Award” in your honor.

Dr.Pamela Love-Manning
Gold Supporter

Dear Dr. Love, you have been a saving grace many times over for the events and services that we provide to our consumers for the past four (4) years; providing support through in-kind consultancy, sponsorships, and financial contributions toward our efforts to build capacity, strengthen families and reduce the harm that often time accompany ‘HELP”. Thank you so much  for believing in us and for always speaking life; we look forward to continuing to change lives together and to Providing Help that doesn’t Diminish Hope “. Congratulations on being the very 1st recipient of the Elizabeth Betty Hastings Award. We appreciate you so much.

Dr.Joan Gillece
Education and Empowerment Coach

Dear Dr. Gillece, it was you who gave Building Bridges and our founder its “Advocacy” wings. Your leadership, hard work and dedication to both have help to change the trajectory of the foundation and her purpose. We could not have done it without you, and we count it an honor and privilege to work under your supervision and guidance. Please know that if you don’t do another thing for us; you’ve already “done enough” and we love and appreciate you for it. Trauma Informed Care and your work changed Ms. Woodland’s very life!

Elizabeth Betty Hastings
Platinum “Shero” Supporter

Betty, you have been the wind beneath our ‘Founder’s” wings, helping her to develop and grow. Training and Equipping her to serve others in a “Compassionate and Kind” manner, and through your professionalism, unwavering support and service to her and the foundation we have been able to reach a broader base and are moving to higher heights. You have provided monetary, in-kind and consultancy services to our agency from the beginning and still going strong. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your unconditional love and support helps to carry us through, which is why we launched the “Hope Award” series in 2017. We salute you!

Dr. Debra Dunston
Capacity Building Supporter

Dear Dr. Debra Dunston,  you have supported the efforts of Building Bridges through your Healing and Empowerment Ministries agency as well as your Dr. Debra for Healing organization. Thank you for consistently being a bridge for us to cross, and for always being willing to lend a helping hand no matter how big or small. You have been one of our top holiday donors for the past 2 years and we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you made all the difference in the world to our families during our Secret Santa giving. Thank you and we look forward to building more bridges together.